Belts are particularly made for practical purposes to keep your pants around the waist. Today, the narrative has taken a sharp shift. There is a lot more to a men’s belt than merely keeping him in place. High-end brands and fashion businesses are launching their own belt collections to satisfy the demand for versatile items. Many other varieties of belts are available these days, including those made of leather, suede, fabric, chains, and a slew of others.

You’ll learn about some of the most popular men’s belt styles and how to wear them here.

Formal Leather Belts 

Everyone should have a pair of formal belts in traditional colors and materials. An elegantly made belt may help you complete your professional attire whether you are wearing a simple shirt and pants or a full-on suit. Black or brown formal belts create a beautiful streamlining aspect between your top and bottom halves. Adding a modest finishing touch to your entire style. Leather belts are often preferred by most individuals since they are long-lasting and resistant to wear and tear. There are various ways to dress for the office these days. An excellent pair of pants and a well-fitting shirt look wonderful with a black, brown, or navy blue belt.

Subdued Buckles on Formal Belts

In a formal setting, it is an alternative for people who like to make a fashion statement. Adding a tiny buckle touch to your ordinary belt may elevate your style. You may use belt buckles to show off your style. If you’re going for a more formal style, go for stainless steel buckles in either a matte or polished finish. They go with everything, and you can even experiment with other materials to make a more striking fashion statement with them. A hammered metal finish has been used on several formal belt buckles. It not only helps to look more attractive but elevates it to the next level. 

Thin Belts 

Both men’s thick and thin belts are appropriate for a variety of situations. Thin belts are a hot trend for the workplace even though many people still favor thick ones. 

One thing is clear: Thin belts are more of a fashion statement than traditional, bulky belts. So, if you’re going to wear one, keep your formal attire to a minimum. Keep the colors of your shirt and pants to a minimum so that the whole look may be completed perfectly. For example, watches and shoes should not be overdone. With a little fashion know-how and an appealing demeanor, wearing narrow belts doesn’t have to be difficult.

Woven Casual Belts 

There has been a dramatic shift in men’s accessory design, from leather wallets to belts. A braided belt is an excellent example of a men’s classic becoming a fashion trend. It looks excellent paired with a pair of denim or chinos for a more relaxed style. When compared to other belts, woven belts exude a more relaxed, vacation-inspired mood. 

You have the option of purchasing a muted woven belt or going all out with vibrant color choices. They may make you the focus of attention if worn correctly and at the appropriate time. What better way to spend a day at the beach than with a pair of denim shorts, a light T-shirt, and an eye-catching belt?

Fabric Belts

Fabric belts have become a major fashion trend in the 21st century. In recent years, they’ve become a runaway favorite. It doesn’t matter where you buy or how much money you have; everyone is making and selling cloth belts. Canvas and cotton are the most popular materials for belts. In terms of comfort, they’re a breeze to clean and maintain. 

Some are even safe to wash in a machine, so what’s not to love? Well, here’s a surprise: Belts made of fabric are less rigid than belts made of leather, making them far more convenient to wear and store. When it comes to woven belts, don’t be afraid to try out different colors and textures. They look fantastic with both business casual and more relaxed attire. So don’t be afraid to wear them to the beach, the playground, the market, the party, and so on.

Men’s accessories like belts and leather wallets are being reimagined by the fashion industry. There were few alternatives for males to pick from in the early 1990s. However, you can’t complain about diversity anymore. You might get the greatest deal on high-quality goods. An explosion of new designs and materials has swept the fashion industry. You can always find the ideal belt to go with whatever outfit you pick.